Edward Warmoth – Construction Project Management
Some Noteworthy Projects

  1. Darden Home Office Reorganization “Departmental Rubik’s Cube”
  2. Darden 4,000 square-foot Multi-media Studio Project
  3. Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda Fountain, Downtown Disney – Fast-track Remodel
  4. Pei Wei Asian Diner – Tenant Improvement

During the past 18 years Ed Warmoth has worked almost exclusively on commercial construction projects. The vast majority of Ed’s projects have been in national-brand restaurants, with a project list filled with some of the nation’s most well known dining establishments.

  • Darden Restaurants
          • Red Lobster
          • Olive Garden
          • Smokey Bones BB-Q
          • Bahama Breeze
  • Uno’s Chicago GrillPei Wei Asian Diner
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda Fountain
  • Metromedia Restaurant Group
          • Bennigan’s
          • Ponderosa Steakhouse
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Denny’s
  • Pei Wei Asian Diner

Red Lobster District Office Waiting Area

Red Lobster District Office Remodel

These are just a sampling of the clients of Conquest Contracting, under Ed Warmoth’s stewardship. The majority of the projects for these companies have been performed while the operations of the store, or office, continued throughout the construction process.

Red Lobster District Office Remodel

Departmental Rubik’s Cube
During the past two decades Ed has also performed office reconstruction, or remodels, for these clients. For instance, Darden Restaurants, for many years, had its main offices spread across 14 office buildings in South West Orlando. Darren’s long term plan was to eventually build a headquarters complex (which they finally did a few years ago), but in the mean time they had personnel from their departments scattered throughout their buildings, some a mile apart.

Conquest Contracting, under the direction of Ed Warmoth, was called in to reorganize and consolidate the departments, bringing related team members into one workspace. This began a year long project we affectionately refer to as playing “Departmental Rubik’s Cube.”

Multi-media Center
After moving Darden’s divisions together the culminating project for the Darden home office reorganization project was a million dollar, state of the art, Multi-media Center project. This 4,000 square foot Multi-media Center was placed in the center of the eight story main office building, with active offices surrounding it. Ed designed the structure and soundproofing for the walls and doors, and assisted Darden’s contracted Architect in developing the layout. The project consisted of a large video conferencing studio with satellite hook up and a sizable conference table; a full video production studio for making demonstration and corporate communication videos; a sound booth and control area for voice recordings; main control room for mixing with an observation window into the video studio; a duplicating and a master storage facility. All soundproof doors and windows were designed by Ed Warmoth, and produced locally, providing Darden a considerable savings in cost, and time. The entire Multi-media Center was finished in natural cherry wood trim and doors. Walls throughout the studios were both sound absorbing and deadening. Walls separating the studios from the surrounding offices were designed to achieve a 58db, or greater, sound reduction.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda Fountain
Ghirardelli’s representative approached Conquest Contracting with a need to increase the sales in their Downtown Disney facility. We performed traffic flow studies and determined that our client could increase their guest count three ways: (1) increasing the number of POS devices; (2) bringing guests in from the heat into an air conditioned cue area; (3) reconfiguring the service line to better handle the increased guest flow. The architectural work was done, and plans were made to begin the construction. Two days before commencement, the pre-construction meeting with Disney officials was held. It was then that the Project Managers for Disney informed us, and the Owner’s Representative, that the remodel project, scheduled to be performed in three phases, over three months, was to be done in a single-phase, and in less than one month. The project was not merely a facelift, it included the demolition and reconfiguration of the entire service line, an addition to house the new customer cue area, a new storage facility added to the rear of the building, and a reworking of the kitchen and storage room. With the schedule suddenly reduced to one-third, we immediately made preparations for what was now a round-the-clock construction project.

Conquest Contracting Ghirardelli Remodel Project Presentation

Click here to download and view the Ghirardelli Presentation.

From start to finish, working a 24/7 schedule, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda Fountain was transformed in 26 days. At all times a section of the facility remained open for retail chocolate sales throughout the process. The newly designed customer cue, and reconfigured service line, has outperformed the the estimated 15% increase in sales volume.

Ghirardelli’s Vice President of Restaurants and Retail, Yvo Smit, visited the site before construction commenced. Yvo asked us to take good care of the restaurant because he viewed it as his “Orlando living room.” After the project was complete we wanted Yvo to see the transformation of his living room, Conquest Contracting prepared a slide presentation stepping him through the process. You can view a copy of the presentation by clicking here.

Pei Wei Asian Diner
With an eclectic Asian style decor, Pei Wei Asian Diner, owned by parent company P.F. Chang’s, falls into the classification of “fast-casual” eatery. There is nothing casual about the detail in the compact design and layout of a Pei Wei Asian Diner.  Conquest Contracting performed this tenant improvement in Boca Raton, Florida. The existing floor slab was removed, then the existing bar joist roof was reinforced to support the three new HVAC units above. The demising wall between the space and the adjoining tenant was found to be insufficient to meet modern codes, so a secondary fire rated wall was erected next to it. Just the sort of thing you would expect for a building that is 50 years old. Discovery of existing conditions could not be made until after the previous tenant moved out of the space, plan revisions were then drawn up, and work got under way. Twelve weeks later the restaurant staff took possession and began training.